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Wolf Muzik, or Wolf Music, also known as Wolfmusic and Wolfmuzik, creates custom, original and unique music for a variety of broadcast clients such as television and cable production companies, film studios, advertising agencies, commercial production houses, documentary filmmakers and animation artists and studios. Wolfmuzik creates scores in a wide array of genres such as electronica, cinematic, pop, chill, house, techno, world, new age, orchestral, traditional, jazz, metal, alternative, baroque and acoustic. Wolfmuzik also is expert in orchestration, instrumentation, arranging, composing, conducting and sound design. The award winning music tracks may be heard in movie features, tv and radio ads, documentaries, as signature theme music, as background music and as underscore. Some clients have included ESPN, FOX, Disney, Discovery, Adidas, TPI, Blockbuster, IBM, Sports Center, Monday Night Football, Animal Planet, CNN, PBS, Mini Cooper, Aeon Flux, Ondrej Rudavsky, Truth and others.
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